Congressman Suozzi Votes “No” on Final Passage of Republican Tax Bill

December 19, 2017
Long Island Media

Long Island, NY - December 19, 2017 - Today, Congressman Tom Suozzi (D – Long Island, Queens) issued the following statement shortly after the Republican-led tax reform bill passed the House of Representatives.

“This legislation is a disgrace and a ‘punch-in-the-gut’ to middle-class families throughout Long Island and Queens. My district is home to over 250,000 families that benefit from the state and local tax deduction – the most in the nation. Thanks to this disaster of a bill, which all but cripples this deduction, hardworking New York families will now see their property values plummet and their taxes skyrocket.

“Despite demonstrable evidence from non-partisan sources showing how middle-class families all over New York will suffer under this plan, House Republicans still jammed this bill through in record time. They are literally raising taxes on New Yorkers to deliver tax breaks to other parts of the country. New York is already the biggest net donor to the federal government. We get $48 billion less than we send in income taxes to the federal government. This bill, which eliminates the state and local tax deduction above $10,000, will only increase that injustice.

“I came to Congress ready and willing to work in bipartisan fashion to get things done for the American people, and that commitment remains. However, this bill represents every American’s worst nightmare when it comes to hyper-partisanship, back-door deals, and a complete lack of transparency. I will keep fighting for what I know to be right, but not at the expense of the people I represent.”