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Tom Suozzi Comes Out on Top of Crowded Race for Steve Israel’s Congressional Seat

June 30, 2016


Katie Moriarty
Fios 1 News

Tom Suozzi comes out on top of crowded race for Steve Israel’s congressional seat

After Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi won the Democratic nod for Congress in the Third District Tuesday by over 6,500 votes, he was swiftly endorsed by his opponents at Mary Janes Davies Park.

Democrat after Democrat threw their weight behind their previous competitor during a press conference.

"I am here by the way endorsing Tom Suozzi," Jon Kaiman said.

"It is that important to make sure that he wins this important race," said Steve Stern.

"We are all going to work together to get him into the office," Anna Kaplan pledged.

"A progressive is someone who can take on big challenges with big ideas. I think Tom is one of the very few people that can do that," Jonathan Clark concluded.

After the endorsements, Tom Suozzi said he was pleased that the group got together in a positive way to broaden their focus of the election.

"If we can stand together like this we hope it's a message to other people. That people of good will, who may disagree about certain things, can come together because they want to make things better for people," Suozzi said.

Depending on the outcome of the November election, current Representative Steve Isreal may have to pass the third congressional seat to Suozzi, a candidate he didn't back in the election.

Last month, Isreal announced he would be backing Legislator Steve Stern from Dix Hills.

Now, Stern is supporting Suozzi.

As the former Glen Cove mayor and as Nassau County executive, Suozzi, plans to tackle an array of issues if he's elected, including terrorism, gun control, and climate change.

Suozzi is set to face Republican State Senator Jack Martins in November.