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Martins Admits to Being Just Another Pandering Politician

September 6, 2016


Glen Cove, NY - In an unguarded, but revealing moment, Republican candidate for congress, Jack Martins admitted that he's willing to say whatever he needs to win votes. In a conversation with Rita Ciolli, Editor of the Newsday Editorial Board, Martins said that a Republican Primary "forces" him to take certain positions.

“This is a classic example of a politician talking out of both sides of his mouth,” said Mike Florio, campaign manager for the Democratic and Fix Washington nominee for the third congressional district, Tom Suozzi. “You say one thing to win a primary, and then you will say something else to win the general election.”

Martins admits that campaigning in a primary “changes the dynamics” of the race and that he will carry the conservative banner in order to not “alienate” voters he will need in the general election.

“Jack Martins put out there for all to see exactly what Tom Suozzi has been campaigning against,” stated Florio, "Martins is just another pandering politician."

Suozzi has a long and proven record of being independent and has demonstrated time and time again that he is willing to stand up to the powerful interests, even those in his own Party, to make the big changes needed to improve his constituents' lives. This is a cornerstone of his campaign and is why Suozzi is running for Congress; to go to Washington to fix a broken system that is dominated by special interests, lobbyists and elected officials who only worry about getting re-elected, rather than actually serving the people who sent them there.

Suozzi won a hard fought five-way Democratic primary in June by pledging to put people before politics, and to always do the right thing for the families of Long Island and Queens.

In contrast, Martins has spent the last five months attempting to manipulate the legal system to get out of facing his opponents in front of the voters. Clearly, Jack Martins is too scared to actually campaign for office and now we know why. He doesn't want to have to answer to voters or discuss his positions on the myriad of important issues because he is too beholden to his own Party to take a stand and tell voters what he is really about.

“We don’t really know who Jack Martins is and he has admitted to Newsday that he doesn't want to tell us,” remarked Florio.

“However, what we do know is that we cannot trust Jack Martins. Even he admits that he is a panderer who will say whatever the voters want to hear, whether he means it or not.”

Below is an excerpt of Martins’ interview with Ciolli that appeared in The Point, a daily email from Newsday.

The CD3 beat goes on

Republican Jack Martins is trying to get some ballast in the rocky 3rd Congressional District race by continuing his legal effort to push the vote to December.

He already lost a fight to keep GOP challenger Philip Pidot off the ballot. A primary between the two will be held on Oct. 6. That’s why Martins is asking a federal appeals court to expedite the review of a ruling Tuesday that said the election should be held Nov. 8 even if it means a quicker turnaround for military ballots than the standard 45 days.

Martins told The Point that a GOP primary forces him to take more conservative positions. “It changes the dynamic,” he said, adding that he has to tack to the right for the more conservative parts of the district such as Smithtown. “I can’t risk alienating them for the general election,” he said.

The 3rd Congressional District covers northern portions of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. The seat is being vacated by Rep. Steve Israel, who announced his retirement from Congress earlier this year. The election will be on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.