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Republican, Democratic and Libertarian Opponents Unite Against Jack Martins

August 21, 2016

For Immediate Release:
August 21, 2016

Bill O’Reilly (Pidot)
Conor Walsh (Suozzi)
(630) 803-4724
Mike McDermott

Press Release



(Greenvale, NY) - Republican candidate for Congress Jack Martins’ opponents, Republican candidate Philip “Flip” Pidot, Democratic and Fix Washington nominee Tom Suozzi and Libertarian nominee Michael McDermott, today stood together and called on Martins to stop playing games with both the political and legal systems and wasting taxpayer dollars in an effort to take voters attention away from his Albany record, his close relationship and defense of convicted felon Dean Skelos, and his double-speak regarding Donald Trump.

Pidot, Suozzi and McDermott decided enough was enough and made the unprecedented decision to stand together to speak out after Martins' latest legal manipulation, which was to ask the federal courts on Friday to delay the general election from November 8, 2016 to December 6, 2016, citing that because of the October 6 Republican primary, Suozzi would have longer to campaign than he would, should he win the Republican primary. Suozzi emerged the winner in a five-way Democratic primary that was held on June 28, 2016.

"What is Jack Martins so afraid of," said McDermott. "It is obvious that cowardly Jack Martins doesn't want to be on a ballot with Donald Trump, even though one minute he is a strong Trump supporter and the next he is trying to distance himself from Trump.

"I join my fellow opponents in calling for these frivolous lawsuits to be immediately terminated and let us all get back to sharing our views wherever and whenever possible with the voting public and stop the dirty politics Jack Martins likes so much."

“Jack Martins has unsuccessfully attempted to eliminate each and every opponent who has filed signatures to qualify for the ballot in the 3rd Congressional District,” said Suozzi. “These are the kinds of petty insider political games that voters are sick of.

“Jack Martins needs to stop wasting everyone’s time and millions of taxpayer dollars and instead tell us what he is really about.”

"It seems that Jack Martins and his machine-backed operation just can’t help themselves,” said Pidot. “After months of delays and legal maneuvering, they are again trying to manipulate the courts and democratic process for their own selfish and desperate reasons, all the while stomping on voters’ rights.

“It’s sad, but it’s clear that this is how Jack Martins operates. He knows his scandal-plagued record is indefensible, so he'll do anything to avoid the judgment of voters."

Martins' legal manipulations began in early May when he challenged Pidot's petitions to get on the Republican line and force a primary with Martins on June 28, 2016. After the state Board of Elections erroneously ruled that Pidot was short 16 signatures, a state Supreme Court ruled in June that Pidot did have the requisite number of signatures, however it was too late to print ballots in time for the June 28 election.

Pidot then filed suit in federal court to allow the Republican Primary and earlier this week, U.S. District Court Judge Frederick J. Scullin set the Republican Primary to be held on October 6, 2016.

In addition, again in an effort to run and hide from his opponents, Martins has challenged Suozzi’s Fix Washington petitions and McDermott’s petitions for the Libertarian line. On Thursday, August 18, the state BOE ruled that Fix Washington had enough signatures to be on the ballot during the general election.

The only candidate for congressional district 3 who has failed to get on a line on the ballot during the general election is Jack Martins, who submitted only 658 signatures when 977 are required to qualify for the Independence Party line. The State BOE ruled that he was ineligible for the Independence line, no other candidate challenged him.

All three opponents made the point that this entire months-long legal process was brought on by Jack Martins himself. Instead of facing his Republican opponent in a primary like thousands of congressional candidates across the country do, he showed that he would rather hide behind his team of Republican machine lawyers and manipulate the legal system instead of facing voters and defending his record of being part of the Albany corrupt system.

“C’mon Jack, we owe it to the residents of Long Island and Queens to stop whining and face each other so we can debate the serious issues we all face and allow voters to determine which candidate has the best ideas and record of getting things done to make big changes that will make people's lives better,” stated Pidot, Suozzi and McDermott.

This latest of Martins' attempts to manipulate the legal system comes after polling showed him 16 points behind Suozzi for the congressional seat being vacated by Democrat Steve Israel, who announced his retirement from Congress in January.

The 3rd Congressional District covers northern portions of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. The election is on Tuesday, November 8, 2016