Statement from Mike Florio, Campaign Manager, Suozzi 2016 (NY-03) on Martins campaign “poll”

October 18, 2016

Statement from Mike Florio, Campaign Manager, Suozzi 2016 (NY-03) on Martins campaign “poll”

“It is indisputable that Tom Suozzi has a commanding lead in this race. Public and internal polling consistently shows Tom with a double digit lead. After shopping around, and paying four different firms for four different polls, it’s evident that Martins finally found one that tells him what he wants to hear so he can use it to bolster his anemic fundraising.”

• Suozzi raised $1,025,083.42, Martins raised $385,207.35, during the third quarter FEC filing period, running from July 1st through September 30th.

• August 18th: a DCCC poll showed Suozzi with 16-point lead over Martins (52% - 36%). The poll was fielded from August 8-11.

• September 28th: the Suozzi campaign released an internal poll showing Suozzi with a 17-point lead over Martins (55% - 38%). The poll was fielded from September 19-21.

• October 8th: a Newsday/Sienna College Poll showed Suozzi with a 16-point lead over Martins (50% - 34%). The poll was fielded from September 28-29 and October 2-5.

• In February, the NRCC identified NY-03 as one of its top targets when they named Martins a member of their “Young Guns” program and, this summer, the NRCC pledged to spend over a million dollars, beginning in late September, on television ads attacking Suozzi. Then the NRCC spent over $50,000 on polling on behalf of Martins (see NRCC expenditures on 9/6 & 9/29) before deciding to pull out of the race and cancelling hundreds of thousands of dollars of previously pledged spending, as mentioned above.

• The Martins campaign has paid four different survey firms, in just the past two months, for polling services: 8/11 Advantage Direct - $5,202; 8/16 Public Opinion Strategy - $17,500; 8/25 Advantage Direct - $2,000; 8/29 Clout Research - $4,500; and 9/12 Cascade Strategy - $5,000.