Rep. Suozzi has earned re-election to House

June 11, 2020
The Observer

We are in a time when the electoral process has been torn to shreds as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Village elections held in March have been delayed for six months, until September, leaving trustees as holdovers.

Special elections scheduled for April have been cancelled, leaving us without representation in the New York State Assembly.

School district elections scheduled for May were postponed indefinitely, then rescheduled to June 9 and then delayed again to June 16.

The Democratic presidential primary scheduled for April, was delayed until June then rendered moot because there is no contest, has not been litigated back onto the June 23 primary ballot.

And all of this unfolding as voters are encouraged to cast absentee ballots rather than going to the polls.

Through all that uncertainty and confusion there is one thing that remains constant and certain, we must vote to re-elect Thomas Suozzi as our congressman.

“In Washington, D.C. Congressman Suozzi has been a constant crusader for Long Island and for New York and he hasn’t let the tragic effects of the coronavirus slow him down….we must re-elect Thomas Suozzi as our congressman.” - June 11, 2020

In Washington D.C. Congressman Suozzi has been a constant crusader for Long Island and for New York and he hasn’t let the tragic effects of the coronavirus slow him down. At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, the pandemic took a personal toll on the congressman, claiming the life of his father-in-law. Congressman Suozzi soldiered on, though, and he has been effectual for us with regard to the coronavirus and much more.

Before COVID-19 became a threat here, Congressman Suozzi helped to secure millions of dollars to protect the Long Island Sound. He got legislation passed in the House of Representatives to repeal the Trump administration’s $10,000 cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions, which disproportionately targeted New York State. He joined his Long Island colleagues in fighting for additional funding for the Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VA) in Northport.

Those are but a few of the issues that Thomas Suozzi was engaged in before the virus told hold.

As COVID-19 ramped up on Long Island, Rep. Suozzi put personal worry aside and changed his engagement to address both in Washington D.C. and at home the many complex issues that the virus created. He organized a bipartisan congressional delegation in New York to deliver billions of health care dollars to help local hospitals dig out of the crisis. He organized a bipartisan congressional delegation from New York and New Jersey to make sure COVID-19 relief funding was distributed fairly and based on need, not political cronyism. And all the while he and his staff worked day in and day out to try to help local constituents navigate through the vast bureaucracy to get unemployment benefits, federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding, and Small Business Administration (SBA) emergency loans.

Amid all that, Congressman Suozzi embraced the job of finding and helping to distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals and nursing homes and food to people left hungry by the pandemic.

The day in the life of a congressman is never easy, a dynamic and complex job with significant implications. Congressman Suozzi has worked tirelessly—he said during an interview last week that he is exhausted, but tirelessly is the right word—for us in Washington D.C. and at home. And he does it with an even keel and a pleasant disposition; a non- partisan approach and an inclusive philosophy; from an intellectual basis and a search for what is best for the greater good.

Congressman Suozzi has been good for us on Long Island. In these challenging times, the deadly coronavirus lingering and social unrest escalating in the aftermath of the vicious murder by police of George Floyd, it is important that we vote for Congressman Thomas Suozzi in the Democratic primary June 23 and that we make sure he is re- elected in November to another term.

The Observer endorses Rep. Suozzi for re-election and urges local Democrats to make sure to cast a ballot for him in the upcoming primary.